As part of the upcoming summit,
we warmly invite you to attend a free webinar:

To Your

Discover the art of listening and aligning
with your deepest desires. 
Unlock the pathway to bringing
your dreams to life with ease and grace.

April 25th
US PST - 7am, US EST - 10am, London - 3pm, Prague 4pm, Bangkok - 9pm

What’s your dream? The one that ignites a smile at the mere thought of it. Or the one that whispers hope to your heart in quiet moments. We all have dreams, a common thread that unites us. It’s a key part of our humanity.

Yet, so often these dreams remain unrealized, assigned to the realm of wishful thinking. We settle for less, giving into feelings of fear, doubt, and uncertainty, stopping our journey before it even begins.

But what if we dared to resist settling? What if bringing our dreams to life wasn’t such a big deal? What if we could bring our dreams to life with a greater sense of ease and grace?

imagine if ...

  • You could listen to your dreams with a serene mind and a sense of inner peace.
  • You recognized an innate energy within, guiding you unfailingly towards your aspirations.
  • You saw beyond the barriers of worry, fear, and doubt that hinder progress towards your dreams.
  • You held your dreams with gentle confidence, free from the weight of anxiety.
  • You approached the pursuit of your dreams with natural assurance and conviction.
  • You embraced your heart's desires without reservation.
  • You could extend a helping hand to others on their journey towards realizing their dreams.

These are the wonderings that we will explore in our upcoming webinar.

Here's how it works:

On April 25th, 2024, we’ll convene virtually for 90 minutes via Zoom.

We'll delve into the essence of dreams—what fuels them and how they operate. We'll confront the challenges hindering the realization of our dreams and uncover the inherent strengths within us. 

Through interactive exercises and Q&A sessions, you'll harness invaluable insights to elevate your perspective and tap into your infinite creative potential.

This webinar is perfect for you if...

  • You have dreams you're keen to bring to life.
  • You seek to deepen your ability to listen to your dreams with clarity.
  • You aspire to support others in achieving their dreams.
  • You want fresh insights into dreams and natural desires.
  • You appreciate engaging in conversations that evoke a sense of beauty and inspiration.
  • You're keen to spend 90 minutes virtually with a community of like-minded individuals.

About Your Hosts

nikon Gormley

Nikon coaches people who want to make incredible changes in their lives, careers, businesses and relationships. He works with founders, executive leaders, CEOs, doctors, teachers, coaches, professional athletes, Olympians, celebrities, executive chefs and even Buddhist monks.

He runs a coaching business that supports people around the world in unleashing their creative genius in life, business and work.

He has the opportunity to participate in the growth of a thriving family business. His family (Gormley Glass) has been leading and innovating the glass artwork industry for architecture and interior design around the world for over 47 years.

Kateřina Fišerová

As a Certified Transformational SuperCoach Academy Coach and 3P Mentor, she helps people better understand the mind and our spiritual essence. She draws primarily from the teachings of Sydney Banks, which is known in the global community as the 3 principles or "Psychology of mind". She is a member of the 3PGC Board of Directors.

She is the co-founder of Understanding the Mind, a registered co-founder whose vision is simply a happier Czech Republic and Slovakia. She is the vice-chair of the Happy Czech Republic Foundation and co-founder of the Czech Listens project. To deepen her understanding and improve the craft of coaching, she is honored to be a direct disciple of world-renowned transformative coach Michael Neill at this time.

This free webinar is part of the change we want to bring to the world.
We want a better listening world.
We are starting this change in Prague on 24-26 May as part of The Listening World Summit 2024. Will you be there live or online?

Change the way you listen … and the entire world will change.

Listening is a simple skill that we are all born with. A skill that we often underestimate and do not use in a right way. 

If you wish a better life, there is no need to change the world, others or yourself. What is worth changing though is how deeply you can listen. That is the reason why we decided to organize the first international summit dedicated to listening. The event where you can experience how to listen even better behind the words. We created a space for a new beginning - better relationships, more efficiency, better health.  Join us to make the first step towards goodwill and understanding.

Let us create a world together where we all listen better.